Telekom unveils cloud and digital service company credence


KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) unveiled its new cloud and digital services company Credence, with the aim to accommodate private enterprises and the public sectors in its digital transformation journey, a joint statement said.

Credence founder and chief executive officer Krish Datta said the digital services will provide capabilities ranging from tech infrastructure to business insights, cloud advisory, IT landscape migration, software-as-a-service (SaaS), managed services as well as analytics and insights.

"We offer organisations the ability to embark on their digital journey with better predictability, lesser concerns and disruptions while choosing the best tech solutions that suit their needs and priorities, enabling them to focus on their core business.

"We are the only company that is able to offer our customers the full end-to-end solutions from infrastructure to insights. Our approach is to meet customers where they are, discover what their mission critical goals are, and work with them according to their needs and priorities,” Krish said in the statement today.




Credence, during its launching yesterday, also announced its key partnerships with VMware, AWS and Huawei, enabling them to offer a broad range of options to enterprises, customised to their respective growth needs.

TM Group chief executive officer Imri Mokhtar, in the same statement, reiterated the group's commitment to empower organisations in the private and public sectors as they embark on their digital transformation.

"Through Credence, we aim to address the current digital and tech skills gap - making strategic hires from the tech sector as well as transferring similar skillsets from TM to spearhead this new digital start-up.

"In this way, we hope to nurture a pipeline of next-generation tech and digital talents, and equip Malaysians for a digital future by upskilling them with digital capabilities, and providing them access to the right data and tools,” he noted. - Bernama


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